Individual Care

Individual Care - Emotional Rejuvenation

Everyone’s care is different. At iCarePsychiatry, we believe not one person’s care is the same as another persons. We value your individual uniqueness and response to your mental health and behaviorial management. That’s why we call it Individual Care – Emotional Rejuvenation. From ADHD (Attention-Deficit Disorder), Depression, to Bi-Polar, Children and Adults, we put a plan together that is specific and unique to you.
The key principal for “the Caring System” is the holistic, innovating, yet individual approach to mental health and psychiatric care.
The key principal for “the Caring System” is the holistic, innovating, yet individual approach to mental health and psychiatric care. The iCarePsychiatry caring system includes:
  • Individual
  • Family
  • Community
  • Cultural
  • Behavioral Care Professional
  • Medication Management
A single human being; a specific person, distinct from others, we all our patient.
Each individual member is viewed as one unit, each complimenting the other. With the strength and support of family to help in the needs, determines the types and mix of services and support.
support from the State, Church/Religious beliefs, and local community programs we can be adaptive to different infrastructures, processes, and relationships at the community level.
We help eliminate the stress of cultural pressure and the stigma associated with Mental Health. There are agencies, programs and services that will support and help facilitate appropriate care in different cultural arenas including language support. We value diversity and respect each culture and norm in a non judgmental and respectful manner, regardless of race, creed, and sexual orientation.
Demonstrates care by talking with a trained professional and coming up with a mutual viable plan appropriate to the treatment. And trusting that what is discussed remains confidential. (see Behavioral Therapy and Counseling - Interdisciplinary Approach)

iCarePsychiatry cares about all of the medications a person a taking. Because medications react to one another, the utmost care must be taken when taking medications for multiple reasons. (For example, a person may have diabetes, depression and high cholesterol. Care must be given for all medications associated with the diabetes, depression and high cholesterol. Otherwise, perhaps the cholesterol medicine could react with the diabetes medication and cause a person to have high sugar readings) (see Medication Management).

iCarePsychiatry Cares! Where Individual care leads to Behavioral Wellness and Emotional Rejuvenation enhancing THE Quintessential You!

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