Mission Statement

iCarePsychiatry aims to improve access to care in the field of behavioral, emotional, mental and psychiatric services of individuals and the community to bring back optimal levels of wellness. We encourage individuals to seek timely and appropriate behavioral and mental health treatment to enhance the knowledge about the occurrence and treatment options available to clients, family and the community, thereby eliminating stereotypes, social stigma and labeling that are associated with behavioral, mental health and psychiatric care. In iCarePsychiatry our philosophy stems from the belief that “Wellness in mind and body leads to living a quality, insightful and satisfying life”.

About Us

iCarePsychiatry is a pioneering psychiatric outpatient clinic managed by a doctoral prepared advance nurse practitioner dedicated to behavioral and mental health wellness as well as Psychiatric outpatient medication management and allied complementary services in Las Vegas.

Dr. Rhigel Jay Alforque Tan, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (APRN) with more than 10 years in practice as APRN in Mental Health and Psychiatry, helps manage individual emotional, behavioral and reality based symptoms that will optimize behavioral potentials. As the first Asian American DNP, APRN clinic in Las Vegas, Dr. Tan’s vision is to ensure the entire team at iCarePsychiatry will be able to establish there mission of individuality of each patient’s care.

In iCarePsychiatry, “I” is very symbolic of a unique, quintessential care that the clinic has to offer.

iCarePsychiatry values individualized care. Together, through sharing Information and educating each individuals conditions and plan of care, iCarePsychiatry will adhere to caring plans based on Innovative translational research and evidenced based practice. iCarePsychiatry promotes an Interdisciplinary team approach for your emotional and behavioral care as well as reality based symptoms through collaborating therapists and councilors. iCarePsychiatry also values how modern Information technology can enhance timeliness and safety in caring for our clientele.

iCarePsychiatry, utilizes the time tested communication and Tender Loving Care of nurse(s) as well as the evolution of the art and science of advanced nursing practice to promote and restore behavioral, emotional and reality based manifestations of mental health well being.

iCarePsychiatry enhances your CARE through Individualized, Innovative, Interventional, Interdisciplinary, Informational and Educational health teaching that is enhanced by Information Technology. iCarePsychiatry optimizes your CARE through medication management, therapy and appropriate tests and referrals to promote your mental health well being which is a QUINTESSENTIAL and unique philosophy of iCarePsychiatry.