Behavioral Therapy and Counseling - Interdisciplinary Approach

Interdisciplinary, from Websters Dictionary, means “involving two or more disciplines or fields”. At iCarePsychiatry, through a collaborative discussion between a person and trained professional, we are using a interdisciplinary approach led by trained licensed professional and the client. And as discussions continue, other disciplines may become involved to care for Family, Community as a whole.

iCarePsychiatry focuses on the different behaviors associated within a person. By assessing multiple disciplines of behaviors as discussed and observed by a person and the licensed trained professional , the trained professionals at iCarePsychiatry can properly assess and help put together a caring plan that is agreed upon by the person and by the trained licensed professional.

A caring plan that enhances progressive changes in behaviors by a person, and not behavioral change all at one time. A plan that celebrates the behavioral changes made on a daily basis and supports a person in how they want to be and live on a continuous basis.

Although we do not conduct therapy sessions, we work closely with several therapy


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Psychological Testing

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